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Thomas Ford

One of the best contemporary dishes I have ever had was the beef variant at this amazing restaurant.

Vicky Walsh

The food and the music are undoubtedly great here, but the service is the icing on the cake.

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Underrated Restaurants That Serve Great Food

Underrated Restaurants That Serve Great Food

Every restaurant has its specialty, and that’s what makes them famous. However, some of the restaurants can stun our bodies with their unique dishes and their taste. Here are some of the underrated restaurants that you need to check out:

Underrated Restaurants That Serve Great Food

Grotta Palazzese Cave Restaurant, Italy

The restaurant that is made in a cave is what’s a fascinating fact. An outdoor lounge with the setting of beautiful natural lighting. It’s what makes a great dining spot. Their main dishes, like  Calamari Fritti with salad greens, lobster ravioli, tuna with burrata cheese, etc., are served. There is a particular policy to maintain a proper dress code.

Snow Castle Restaurant, Finland

Having a restaurant in a snow Castle? Surprising right? But here is a restaurant that serves you in a snow Castle. So put your warmers up and hit this place to also get the best food like irresistible mulled wine, vegetables, and a sauce made with loganberries, fillet of reindeer, and at last with a mousse. It is a well-curtained icy place for a beautiful dining night.

Underrated Restaurants That Serve Great Food

The Grotto, Thailand

The Grotto is a restaurant that lies on a rocky island with a beautiful view in front of the cave getting all the attention in Thailand. Fare leans Thai, and prawns are the tastiest dishes to have in this restaurant, and the icy cake stuns anyone if they have it in their mouth.


Modena lies in the Emilia-Romania region in Italy, which produces the best pasta, parmesan cheese, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and wine. It is fascinating when the matter is about food. They serve food like tortellini en brodo, which is made using local ingredients.


Bangkok has some excellent restaurants that are not noticeable. You get the best food in the world, which is prepared using the essential food ingredients. The flavor and freshness are what keeps the status high. The richness of the street food is always excellent. Many underrated restaurants can be seen in Bangkok despite having the best food service.

Underrated Restaurants That Serve Great Food


It is one of the countries that you would love to travel to eat. It is equivalent to Tokyo, New York, and Mexico that are well-regarded cities. The quality and the execution of the food here are exceptional. It is said that the menu ultimately has its own taste, and it is worth trying everything at least once. The aroma in the restaurants makes it even more delicious.

Types of Cocktail Drinks and How They are Made

Types of Cocktail Drinks and How They are Made

Cocktail parties are among the most popular social events, which are enjoyed by friends, couples, and colleagues on any given day. However, not everyone is aware of some of the commonly known cocktail names. Many people feel overwhelmed by the options. But in reality, these are just variations of the already existing beverages.

Mocktail and Cocktail

Mocktail and cocktail are basically mixed alcoholic drinks that contain vermouth, gin, rum, whiskey, brandy, or lemon juice. These flavors usually consist of different fruits and spices like ginger ale, whiskey, tequila, and rum. In most cases, the alcohol is added to the ingredients at the beginning and served in a fancy glass in a very short time so that the guests can drink it without delay.

Types of Cocktail Drinks and How They are Made

Mixed Drinks

There are various cocktails that you can serve at your celebrations, and some may even be suitable for newlyweds. You can also have mixed drinks during bachelor parties and bridal showers.

However, you will need to be very careful about the ingredients you use and how you mix them. There are different ingredients used in making these drinks, and they are either sweetened with honey or lemonade or sweetened with fruit juices.

Liqueurs and Tinctures

Other than these, there are also some other common ingredients in the making of these mixed drinks. For example, we can talk about liqueurs and tinctures. Liqueurs are basically herbs and distilled spirits infused with specific tastes to give them a particular taste. We have gin, whiskey and vermouth in this category. Other ingredients that can be used for the creation of these drinks include different fruits and spices.


One of the best-known examples of mixing drinks is the Manhattan. This is one of the oldest drinks, and it was invented by Peter Gatzar. It is a mixture of mixing equal parts of brandy, soda water, hard liquor, and cream of tartar. This drink is very popular in New York City. It became popular worldwide due to a television series called “College Years”.

Another drink that we can talk about is the Manhattan cocktail made with rum. The ingredients in a Manhattan cocktail made with rum include brandy, soda, hard liquor, sugar, water, and ice. When these ingredients are combined, it makes a very strong drink that is very popular for parties. Sometimes, this drink is served without any ice because it tastes too strong and it is not good for some people.

Most bartenders serve it with a lemon wedge or lemonade. Some of them also serve with an olive on top of the Manhattan cocktail. The drink is very popular because of its flavor and because of its price. It is one of the cheapest drinks served in bars and nightclubs.

Negroni Cocktail

This is one of the most popular cocktails you will find. For this drink, the lime is mixed with gin, egg white, and milk. Most bartenders serve Negroni with a squeeze of lemon. The Negroni is said to have been invented in Florence, Italy, by an Italian count.

Old Fashioned Cocktail

Old Fashioned is another popular cocktail created by mixing gin, egg white, and rum or any kind of spirits with a touch of simple sugar. Some people believe that there should be more gin, but this is just a matter of preference. Remember that an old-fashioned cocktail created with simple sugar is called a Manhattan.

Everything That One Needs To Know About Pubs!

Everything That One Needs To Know About Pubs!

Firstly, How do you define a pub?

A pub is a short form of a public house since 1859.
A pub is most likely a bar or a tavern that serves food and is often portrayed as a place for community gatherings. It is also defined as an establishment that is licensed to serve alcoholic beverages.

What are the licensing laws one should follow inside a pub?

● The Beerhouse Act 1830:
This Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom established a general annual licensing meeting to be held in every city, town, division, and country to grant the licenses to inns. In addition, the Act enabled any rated player to sell beer on payment of a permit costing two guineas.

Everything That One Needs To Know About Pubs!

● The Defence of the Realm Act:
This Act restricted pubs opening from 12 noon to 2:30 p.m. and 6:30-9:30 p.m.

● Lock-In:
Lock-In is when a pub owner allows the patrons to continue drinking even after the legal closing time of the bar. This is most likely a private party where patrons are supposed to put the money behind the bar before closing so that no drinks will be served to the patrons after the official, legal closing time.

Characteristics of an ideal Pub that stands out from the features of bars and restaurants:

● A Pub is a place that is open to everyone, even without membership or residency.
● A pub has at least one indoor area that is not laid out for meals.
● A pub serves draught beer or cider without requiring the consumption of food.
● A pub allows getting drinks on your own but only at table service.

Types of Pubs:

Gastropub: A hybrid pub and a restaurant that serves fantastic food with a good quality beer.

Country Pub: A pub that functions more likely as a recreational and social center and a rural drinking establishment.

Theme Pub: A pub that follows or aligns on its own culture and theme that is even depicted in the interiors, food, and serving style. Example: sports bars, Irish pubs, live music pubs, etc.

Micro pubs: Micro Pubs are small, modern, and one-room pubs, followed by Martyn Hillier’s principles.

No-lo: A “Nolo” or “No-Lo” pub is a special kind of pub that serves only non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic beverages.
A temperance bar doesn’t serve alcohol at all!

Fun and Entertainment inside a Pub!

There are many games arranged inside the pubs so that the customers can feel free to play and enjoy—traditional games like darts, dominoes, cards, bar billiards, etc. Betting is limited to some of the games in the UK, but one must be aware of the bets and stuff so that it won’t lead to unnecessary losses or huge debts.

Pubs have dance floors too! So people can make themselves comfortable and enjoy dancing with their family and friends.

Pubs are a great source of fun and excitement unless one knows how to handle the situation and understand it!

Cheap Restaurants In The World That Serve The Best Quality Food!

Cheap Restaurants In The World That Serve The Best Quality Food!

Where does the word ‘Restaurant’ come from?

The word “Restaurant” is derived from a french verb called ‘restaurant that means “to restore” or “to revive.” The verb being present participle, it means “ that which restore.”
Therefore, a restaurant is defined as “that which restores the strength, a fortifying food or remedy.”

Cheap Restaurants In The World That Serve The Best Quality Food!

Types of Restaurants:

There are so many unique restaurants in the world that one cannot categorize them easily! But restaurants can be categorized based on the factors- type of food, style of offering, the ambiance of the place, cost, location, speed of delivering food, service, etc.
In the same way, we can distinguish restaurants as expensive restaurants, inexpensive restaurants, cheap restaurants, food trucks, vegetarian/non-vegetarian/multi-cuisine restaurants, etc.

Two sides of the Food Business COIN!

Quality of the food and service from the restaurant are the two essential factors in a good food business that represents themselves just like the two sides of a coin. People who can’t spend much on expensive hotels tend to opt for cheaper ones. Many such cheap restaurants in the world serve quality food and satisfy their customers!

Have a look at these inexpensive or cheap restaurants in the world that don’t compromise the quality of food!

Cheap Restaurants In The World That Serve The Best Quality Food!

1. Osteria Santo Spirito, Florence.
Osteria Santa Spirito would be the best stop for people who love traditional, homemade food but, more likely, Italian cooking!
It is a family restaurant with a small menu with an extensive wine list, and the staff is friendly. The price of Pasta dishes starts from about six pounds.
Don’t forget to try Gnocchi-baked with local cheese!

2. Roti King, London.
Roti King is a basement joint in an unwholesome part of old-school Euston.
One can bring own drink but must be ready to stand in a queue to receive delicious foods that they order!
Flaky Roti Canai and tasty chicken curry are definitely worth the wait!

Cheap Restaurants In The World That Serve The Best Quality Food!

3. Fish and Chips, England.
What would be a perfect day than parking yourself on a bench by a sea while you enjoy thick batter, flaky fish, and chunky chips doused in vinegar and salt?
Fish and Chips in England is one of the country’s best-value meals!
Don’t forget to taste mushy peas if you crash there!

4. Le Tambour, Paris.
Le Tambour is a restaurant that has quite peculiar interiors.
One must try Le Tambour’s alfresco form that is just splendid!
Bounce there if you’re somewhere near to the place to taste Normandy Salads, foie grass on toast and a glass of Chardonnay or too!
The price of lunch starts from about 9 pounds.

5. Rose Foods, Portland, Maine.
One needs to visit Rose Foods to try Bagels and latkes along with a side of matzo-ball soup!
A restaurant with authentic interiors where the price of bagels starts from six pounds.

There are many such budget-friendly restaurants that serve great food and do not wantto compromise with the quality of food!
Try to find them and enjoy eating!

Best Cocktails In The World!

Best Cocktails In The World!

What is a cocktail?

Cocktail refers to any alcoholic drink that combines one or more spirits mixed with other ingredients such as flavored syrup or cream, or fruit juice.
Cocktail appeared as a beverage for the first time in 1803 in The Farmers Cabinet, United States. Though people prepared cocktails in a traditional method, liquor was added to the cocktails later on.

Best Cocktails In The World!

Classic cocktails of all times!

Everyone is unique, and so would their thoughts, likes, dislikes, views, opinions, and choices. Food and drink choices differ from person to person. But here are some traditional but classic mocktails that one should definitely know and taste at least once!

1. IBA official Cocktail- The Old-fashioned cocktail!
● Old-fashioned cocktails were developed in the 19th century.
● The cocktail is prepared by muddling sugar with bitters and water, adding whisky or, most preferably, brandy.
● The cocktail is garnished with zest or orange slices and a cocktail cherry and served in an old-fashioned glass known as a rocks glass!
2. ‘The Elixir of Quitude’- The Martini!
● Martini was recognized by the people around 1922.
● The Martini is one of the traditional but popular cocktails made using gin and vermouth.
● The cocktail is garnished with an olive or lemon twist
● An American journalist and a cultural critic called the martini “The only American invention as perfect as the sonnet.”

3. ‘The Red Snapper’- Bloody Mary!
● The Bloody Mary, a cocktail, was invented in the 1920s or 1930s.
● The cocktail contains vodka, tomato juices, and other spices. In addition, it includes flavors such as Wostercershire sauce, hot sauces, garlic, herbs, horseradish, salt, black pepper, lime juice, celery salt, olives, salt, horseradish, and lemon juice.
● The cocktail is popularly known as the ‘Hangover cure,’ usually consumed in the morning or early afternoon!

Modern and popular cocktails in the world!

1. Coffee Cocktail: The Hazelnut Espresso Martini!
● The Martini is a mixture of coffee, liquor, brewed espresso, and vodka.
● The classic modern drink unites coffee lovers as well as cocktail lovers too!
● The simple twist on this classic is that it adds sweet, nutty flavors!
2. The RoseMary Black Pepper Cosmopolitan!
● The Cosmopolitan cocktail is a modern American classic popularized in one of the American television shows.
● The cocktail is prepared by mixing rosemary and black pepper flavors that perfectly blend with the sweet-tart lime and cranberry notes!

3. Mexico’s Spicy Paloma!
● The Paloma is a famous Mexican cocktail with a sweet-tart combination of lime juice, tequila, grapefruit juice, and tequila.

4. Orange Gin Gin Mule:
● The Gin Gin Mule resembles the Moscow Mule made with gin, including little mint and syrup.
● The twist on this classic is the version of including Citrus!
● The cocktail is garnished with lime slices and a mint sprig.

5. IBA’s Unforgettable cocktail: Americano!
● Americano, a fantastic bittersweet combination of Campari and vermouth with some soda and ice cubes!
● The cocktail looks extremely beautiful and mouthwatering with its blend of the vibrant red-orange Campari garnished with the orange peel!

A Tour To Famous Sports Bars In The World!

A Tour To Famous Sports Bars In The World!

What is a bar?

A bar refers to a retail business or a shop that serves alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, liquor, cocktails, and other drinks such as mineral water and soft drinks.

Sports inside the bars or bars inside the sports?

For most people, bars are a place to find peace, happiness, and satisfaction. In addition, it is an excellent place to spend time with friends and family. So what would be more exciting than watching sports while sitting in a bar?
A sports bar is a bar catering specially designed for sports lovers that typically contains several televisions and sports remembrance!

A Tour To Famous Sports Bars In The World!

Which was the first sports bar in the world?

Sports bars are pretty famous in America. The first sports bar was from America too. It was founded in the early 1930s by the field gates of Sportsman park located in St.Louis- home of the cardinals and browns.

What are we waiting for?
Let’s start a virtual trip to the best Sports bars both in Bangkok and across the world!

1. The Bleacher Sports Bar, Boston.

The Bleacher is one of the most excellent sports bars that one should visit once in their lifetime. The bar is situated beneath the Centerfield bleachers of Fenway Park. One of the reviews mentions that you’re lucky enough if you get a table by a big window during the night because of its spectacular view.
One can watch a live game while they sip their beer or a cocktail!

2. The Crown Sports Bar, Australia.

The Crown Sports Bar, part of the enormous Crown Perth Hotel and Casino Complex, is one of the best sports bars in Australia!
Three sides cover the massive room with gigantic screens. In addition, there’s a separate and private screen arranged known as “The Box” for a luxurious experience!

3. The Sporting Globe, Melbourne.

Melbourne is one of those countries with no shortage of sports bars, which is sport-centric. The Sporting Globe is a sports bar with almost 30 wide screens, a rooftop deck, and booths with personal TVs that define perfection!
There are multiple branches throughout the city, but the Richmond branch is the most favorite to the customers!

4. Game On!

Game On is one of the best sports bars in Boston!
The bar comprises 100 High definition TVs, a great sound system with extremely great food and drinks. One of the reviews suggests that one should look downstairs for a round of Ping pong at Blazing paddles.

On one side, Sports are an excellent source of entertainment, and food and drinks are a great source of satisfaction.
Combining both of them leads to quality time, happiness and peacefulness.
Maybe this is a sign to add these places to your wishlist for all the sports lovers!