Where does the word ‘Restaurant’ come from?

The word “Restaurant” is derived from a french verb called ‘restaurant that means “to restore” or “to revive.” The verb being present participle, it means “ that which restore.”
Therefore, a restaurant is defined as “that which restores the strength, a fortifying food or remedy.”

Cheap Restaurants In The World That Serve The Best Quality Food!

Types of Restaurants:

There are so many unique restaurants in the world that one cannot categorize them easily! But restaurants can be categorized based on the factors- type of food, style of offering, the ambiance of the place, cost, location, speed of delivering food, service, etc.
In the same way, we can distinguish restaurants as expensive restaurants, inexpensive restaurants, cheap restaurants, food trucks, vegetarian/non-vegetarian/multi-cuisine restaurants, etc.

Two sides of the Food Business COIN!

Quality of the food and service from the restaurant are the two essential factors in a good food business that represents themselves just like the two sides of a coin. People who can’t spend much on expensive hotels tend to opt for cheaper ones. Many such cheap restaurants in the world serve quality food and satisfy their customers!

Have a look at these inexpensive or cheap restaurants in the world that don’t compromise the quality of food!

Cheap Restaurants In The World That Serve The Best Quality Food!

1. Osteria Santo Spirito, Florence.
Osteria Santa Spirito would be the best stop for people who love traditional, homemade food but, more likely, Italian cooking!
It is a family restaurant with a small menu with an extensive wine list, and the staff is friendly. The price of Pasta dishes starts from about six pounds.
Don’t forget to try Gnocchi-baked with local cheese!

2. Roti King, London.
Roti King is a basement joint in an unwholesome part of old-school Euston.
One can bring own drink but must be ready to stand in a queue to receive delicious foods that they order!
Flaky Roti Canai and tasty chicken curry are definitely worth the wait!

Cheap Restaurants In The World That Serve The Best Quality Food!

3. Fish and Chips, England.
What would be a perfect day than parking yourself on a bench by a sea while you enjoy thick batter, flaky fish, and chunky chips doused in vinegar and salt?
Fish and Chips in England is one of the country’s best-value meals!
Don’t forget to taste mushy peas if you crash there!

4. Le Tambour, Paris.
Le Tambour is a restaurant that has quite peculiar interiors.
One must try Le Tambour’s alfresco form that is just splendid!
Bounce there if you’re somewhere near to the place to taste Normandy Salads, foie grass on toast and a glass of Chardonnay or too!
The price of lunch starts from about 9 pounds.

5. Rose Foods, Portland, Maine.
One needs to visit Rose Foods to try Bagels and latkes along with a side of matzo-ball soup!
A restaurant with authentic interiors where the price of bagels starts from six pounds.

There are many such budget-friendly restaurants that serve great food and do not wantto compromise with the quality of food!
Try to find them and enjoy eating!

Cheap Restaurants In The World That Serve The Best Quality Food!

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