Firstly, How do you define a pub?

A pub is a short form of a public house since 1859.
A pub is most likely a bar or a tavern that serves food and is often portrayed as a place for community gatherings. It is also defined as an establishment that is licensed to serve alcoholic beverages.

What are the licensing laws one should follow inside a pub?

● The Beerhouse Act 1830:
This Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom established a general annual licensing meeting to be held in every city, town, division, and country to grant the licenses to inns. In addition, the Act enabled any rated player to sell beer on payment of a permit costing two guineas.

Everything That One Needs To Know About Pubs!

● The Defence of the Realm Act:
This Act restricted pubs opening from 12 noon to 2:30 p.m. and 6:30-9:30 p.m.

● Lock-In:
Lock-In is when a pub owner allows the patrons to continue drinking even after the legal closing time of the bar. This is most likely a private party where patrons are supposed to put the money behind the bar before closing so that no drinks will be served to the patrons after the official, legal closing time.

Characteristics of an ideal Pub that stands out from the features of bars and restaurants:

● A Pub is a place that is open to everyone, even without membership or residency.
● A pub has at least one indoor area that is not laid out for meals.
● A pub serves draught beer or cider without requiring the consumption of food.
● A pub allows getting drinks on your own but only at table service.

Types of Pubs:

Gastropub: A hybrid pub and a restaurant that serves fantastic food with a good quality beer.

Country Pub: A pub that functions more likely as a recreational and social center and a rural drinking establishment.

Theme Pub: A pub that follows or aligns on its own culture and theme that is even depicted in the interiors, food, and serving style. Example: sports bars, Irish pubs, live music pubs, etc.

Micro pubs: Micro Pubs are small, modern, and one-room pubs, followed by Martyn Hillier’s principles.

No-lo: A “Nolo” or “No-Lo” pub is a special kind of pub that serves only non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic beverages.
A temperance bar doesn’t serve alcohol at all!

Fun and Entertainment inside a Pub!

There are many games arranged inside the pubs so that the customers can feel free to play and enjoy—traditional games like darts, dominoes, cards, bar billiards, etc. Betting is limited to some of the games in the UK, but one must be aware of the bets and stuff so that it won’t lead to unnecessary losses or huge debts.

Pubs have dance floors too! So people can make themselves comfortable and enjoy dancing with their family and friends.

Pubs are a great source of fun and excitement unless one knows how to handle the situation and understand it!

Everything That One Needs To Know About Pubs!

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